Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing our firm to assist you with your visa application process. The terms and conditions page serves as a short and concise overview describing our legal arrangements with you in a clear and understanding manner.

From time to time, Visa Council updates these terms.

Please be sure to review our terms and conditions each time you want to use our services.


If for any reason you wish to cancel the service before the documents are received by Visa Council, you can do so by contacting us.

We will refund the fees paid for services that have not been provided yet.

Any expense occurs for returning the documents back to the client shall be paid by the client.

The right of cancellation will apply under certain conditions, if the cancellation is made after the documents are received by Visa Council and application process has begun.

Processing Time

Processing time of a visa will be based on the processing time within regular circumstances.

Processing time will be extended if Visa Council requires / requests any additional or missing documents and may delay and / or deny processing at their discretion without further explanation.

No service fees, embassy fees, shipping costs or part thereof will be refunded due to delays or other causes that are not under our control.

Fees and payments

You must pay all applicable taxes and shipping costs associated with the purchase of our services.

Requirements and fees related to the processing of visa can be changed, embassy fees, application forms and documentation required for visa issuance are subject to change without notice.

Service Description

Visa Council does its best to describe all the services listed on the Facebook Fan Page and Website correctly. However, Visa Council does not guarantee that all the statements, definitions and descriptions are 100% accurate and flawless. Consulates often change their requirements and fees without prior notice and the changes can take effect immediately. We will always obtain information about changes in the consulates, but in some cases the descriptions in our Facebook Fan Page or website may be outdated. We appreciate the understanding of our clients about the fact that we can not be responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the requirements for visa applications, prices, processing times and other information provided on our Facebook Fan Page or Website.


By using our services, you agree to let Visa Council to contact you by e-mail, messages, or other electronic or non-electronic forms of communication.


Any personal information you enter into our website by filling up the quick assessment form or give us your personal information in any other modes, we will assume that, you confirm all the provided information about you are authentic, true & correct by any means. We will make sure of maintaining the full confidentiality of all your information provided, until or unless there is any legal obligations force us to disclose your information to the dedicated legal authority for any security measures such as (preventing criminal act and etc.). Because we are compelled to obey, respect and follow all the legislation.

Client Responsibilities

– Visa Council is not responsible for damage or loss resulting from faults or defects caused by clients.

– Errors caused due to client’s mistake and costs incurred by Visa Council, the customer is responsible and liable to pay.

– Including the visa is valid for the period and client should verify the validity through different facilities available.

(a) The visa is valid for the appropriate country.

(b) Information matches the document (s) and visa.

(c) Declared correct and truthful information as the basis for the visa.

– Visa Council is not responsible for any indirect loss or damage, for example as a result of the entity itself , or any other third party , failure, loss of – , damage – or delayed delivery of customer document (s).

–  Visa Council is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control, that it could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the contract date or to avoid or overcome these off. It is conceivable , for example when the natural disaster, national emergency , war , strikes , traffic delays , canceled flights , traffic , weather conditions , provisions taken by the authorities etc.